Visiting Dubai - the City of Gold

Dubai, the city of Gold, is a wealthy place that blends the old with the new. It offers an extensive range of attractions for the traveler.

Dubai is a prosperous and cosmopolitan city. It mixes old town mosques and souks alongside modern high rise skyscrapers. The majority of this wealthy city has been built in the last 20 years and incorporates much in the way of futuristic architecture.

Construction is a feature of the city and there is constant building activity. The Dubai Waterfront project will add 500 miles of man-made waterfront to the city. These artificial islands will add up to a space roughly 7 times the size of Manhattan!!

Situated on the south sore of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. The population of Dubai City is over 1 million. The majority of the city's population (80%) is made up of expatriates the majority of whom are from South Asia. The city is split in two by the Dubai Creek. Trade, oil and tourism all play a major part in Dubai's economy and have taken over the traditional occupations of fishing, pearl diving and camel breeding. The area around Dubai City is desert and sparsely populated.

The weather is Dubai is extremely hot during the summer months so the best time to visit is during the winter months. During Ramadan it is illegal to publicly eat or drink and so this time is unpopular with tourists. Dubai is a liberal tourist destination and tolerant and safe to visit. However women are advised to dress conservatively when amongst locals.

Visitors are attracted to Dubai by the world class sports events and air shows as well as the fantastic shopping attractions and air conditioned malls. Dubai claims to be the shopping center of the world. The shopping attractions range from traditional crafts and arts to ultra modern designer fashions and electronics. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a yearly event held during January and February. The Dubai Summer Surprises is a summer month shopping spectacular which makes the most of the cheap hotel rates.

There are vast contrasts in the different types of restaurants brought about by the different mix of cultures. Asian, European and Arabic restaurants abound and range in price from budget to five-star.

There is an extensive range of high class hotels and resorts in Dubai. These places offer enticing discounts when the weather gets hot and during Ramadan. There is also a plethora of world class entertainment offerings which includes something for everyone's taste. Fabulous nightclubs abound.

Dubai is a shinning jewel in the Middle East and a fabulous place to visit and offers beach resorts amidst traditional buildings and mosques and high rise skyscrapers. The city is popular with tourists because there are a wide variety of things to do and interesting places to see.

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