The London Eye Getting The Best View of London

Copyright 2006 S Wander The London Eye, also known as the millennium wheel is the world's tallest observation wheel, and the fourth tallest structure in London. At one hundred and thirty five meters high, a person on the London eye can see a view on London extending for over twenty-five miles. The London Eye has been awarded a variety of different awards and achievements from London's first Millennium ward in the year 2000, for its outstanding contribution to the capitals architecture, to the best attraction for group travel in 2003. One of the largest of its kind, the London Eye can carry eight hundred passengers at a time, within its thirty-two different passenger pods, on a thirty-minute sight seeing journey from above. Over the course of a day, the London Eye can carry over 15,000 separate visitors, as many people as it would take to fill the Concorde one hundred and fifty times. The London Eye is a wonderful trip for children, and adults alike, offering every passenger a fantastic view of London and a fantastic time.

There are a variety of different "flight" options you can make for your trip on the London Eye depending on what you would like to gain out of your travel experience on the eye. For instance, the London Eye offers "Discovery Flights". A Discovery flight will be a flight just the same as any other, but a tour guide will be present to point out special landmarks to those who are on the flight.

If this is your first trip to London, you may appreciate taking one of these flights and having a local point out special landmarks that you might have otherwise missed. If you are trying to plan the perfect evening, then you might start with a private capsule on the London Eye. The London Eye will allow you to book an entire capsule for you and up to twenty-five guests on the London Eye. Those who pre-book their excursion will also enjoy priority boarding, and guest can also choose from a list of food and drink that can be served during the flight. A private capsule on the London Eye can be the perfect way to spend a special occasion, or celebrate an event with those close to you while soaring above the London skyline.

Going on a trip with your sweetie? What would an attraction with so many breathtaking views, and wonderful sights be without a romance package? The London eye offers a "Cupids Capsule" package, which is designed for two lovebirds to soar through the London skyline all by them. The package includes a bottle of Perrier, and a box or chocolates, as well as the couple's very own pod for their trip through the London skyline. Nothing could be more romantic than floating through the stars with a loved one enjoying champagne and luxury chocolates. If your Cupids capsule was successful, then why not try getting married on the London Eye as well. The London Eye offers reasonable priced weddings that allow the bridge, groom and guests to board a private capsule where the wedding ceremony takes place. You and your significant other are pronounced married, as the capsule reaches its highest point, and as the capsule begins its decent the party can begin complete with Perrier champagne.

The London Eye is one of the most fantastic attractions in the world. It is designed so that anyone, at any age can have a wonderful time paying the London Eye a visit, and spending a few minutes of their lives soaring above the clouds and looking out on the magnificent London skyline. .

By: S Wander

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