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Still looking for that once in a lifetime romantic hideaway spot? Maybe one of these will strike your fancy and fire off some sparks of romance!.Near Beijing - Luxury at The Great Wall. For a truly unusual experience and if money is no object, then run away together to China. The Commune by the Wall is an exclusive resort about 25 miles outside of Beijing, within sight of one of the most famous structures in the world, the Great Wall. Nothing to do with communal living and everything to do with avant-garde style and decadence, the Commune is the lovechild of the country's favourite designer, Pan Shiyi. Comprising a stylish group of unique villas designed by 12 top young Asian architects on an extensive property with magnificent views of the wall, it is one of the hottest hotels in Asia, complete with butler service.

Among the villas for rent, you can choose, for example, the Bamboo Wall with its cool and serene ambiance echoed by indoor ornamental pools and signature bamboo, a place where two can gaze out over the hills or hold hands under the starriest of skies at night, or the Suitcase House where the soft beds and most glamorous of kitchens are all hidden out of sight by a series of ingenious trap doors, leaving room for you to concentrate on each other. And, with one of the world's most intriguing capitals just a quick drive away, who's to stop you from slipping from this modern palace to play imperial games in the Forbidden City?.Ibiza - Undiscovered in the Balearics. For a chance to get together in an even more off-the-beaten-track hideaway, Ibiza ticks all the right boxes. Although this Balearic island is more famous as a clubbing resort than a lovers' trysting spot, the northern area is usually overlooked by thrill-seeking tourists and remains unspoilt and wild, uncrowded and warm.

Starting off with gentle walks down the narrow streets in the old town of Ibiza will provide you both with a foretaste of the local color before you wend your way to the quiet northern end. Here you can take in the spectacular cliffs plunging into the Mediterranean and follow winding paths down to one of many charming hidden bays to watch the timeless rhythm of the waves--you are never very far from one of the island's 50 superb beaches. Don't forget to rent a boat to cruise in the sun and stop at any of the myriad rocks and islets that are scattered in the surrounding crystal waters. And check out the modern art center or one of the many art galleries of Ibiza town for a unique souvenir of your romantic escape.Prague - Happily ever after in the land of fairytales. What could be more romantic than a visit to Prague, the former capital of Bohemia, now fast becoming the destination for honeymooners? This city in the Czech Republic is bursting with the details that count for lovers: fairytale castles, cobbled lanes through perfectly preserved medieval quarters, mysterious passages, outdoor cafés, gothic cathedrals, lively bars, the historic Charles bridge.

the city of 100 golden spires is yours to enjoy. And Prague is even more enticing on winter evenings when the gas lamps lend an air of mystery to the narrow streets and the castle is shrouded in mist. You can escort your loved one around town in an exquisite horse and carriage to start off your own personal fairytale here or rent a vintage car to take your bearings. How about continuing your idyll on a relaxing private cruise along the river Vltava to view the magical skyline, many of the main sights and the surrounding countryside? After all this excitement, why not take time out at a relaxing spa, with a special massage and treatment package. For the ultimate in candlelit dinners, it may be difficult to choose just one from the wealth of excellent restaurants.

ranging from intimate and elegant, to historical and grand, Art Nouveau or contemporary, with views of the castle, river or squares. The Pálffy Palác is beautiful baroque, for example, with crystal chandeliers to match, while the Sarah Bernhardt is as French as they come--outside of France. You'll just have to stay a bit longer to try them all.

Granada - A step back in time. Steeped in history, the ancient city of Granada in southern Spain, is guaranteed to set your heart racing. The lace-like sculpted details of the Alhambra palace-cum-citadel and the soothing water features in the courtyards are picture-perfect memories to treasure. The name "alhambra" comes from Arabic, meaning "red castle", but can also be charmingly explained as "by the light of torches" to describe the effect of the flames used when construction carried on at night. The Alhambra, on a hill overlooking the city of Granada, is an imposing structure steeped in romantic history, a reminder of a time when Islam meant luxury and forbidden desires and so hand in hand, you will wander the shady paths of the palace bordered in oleander and fragrant myrtle, retracing the footsteps of Moorish princes or Catholic monarchs.

Don't miss the tallest of the towers, the Torre de la Vela in the oldest section--where, on certain dates, the bell was rung by young girls to ward off the threat of spinsterhood--or the Lion Court, otherwise known as the garden of paradise.If you can tear yourselves away from this poetic place, one of the many other things to do in this relaxed city is to visit the gypsy cave dwellings, or simply head downtown for a refreshing glass of iced "horchata" (a smooth milk-like drink) on one of the squares and then linger lovingly over the prolonged cocktail moment of tapas. A room in the Granada parador (a national hotel in sites of great interest), located in the Franciscan monastery section of the Alhambra with a sensual flower-scented courtyard, should be booked at least several months in advance to complete a perfectly romantic holiday.

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