New Bern NC History at its Finest

When traveling through the South, certain destinations such as Charleston and Savannah have strong appeal to many as they are rich in history and warmth. In North Carolina, New Bern has a similar appeal and it is just now being "discovered" by visitors as a terrific destination in itself. See why this birthplace of North Carolina holds such a strong interest for visitors.In 1710, New Bern was settled by German and Swiss adventurers from Bern, Switzerland. During colonial times, the city acted as the first capitol for the North Carolina colony.

Thus, much of what is of strong historical significance for the city can be found within three districts dotting New Bern. Indeed, over 150 sites are listed with the National Register of Historic Places including many homes, stores, and churches.Chief among the historical sites are:.

1. The Issac Taylor House, built in 1792.2. The Old City Hall, constructed in 1816.

3. Union Point, the location selected by the settlers and purchased from Carolina natives in 1710 for the government house.4.

The Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens, considered by many to be the loveliest government building ever built. It was occupied by the first royal governor of the colony, William Tryon.5. The Attmore-Oliver House, built in 1790.

It now houses the New Bern Historical Society.In addition, New Bern has other claims to fame including:.1. The birthplace of Pepsi.

Atlanta has Coca-Cola, but New Bern gave birth to Pepsi. Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist, created the soft drink for medicinal as well as taste purposes. You can visit the store -- which only opened in 1998 -- and sample some of Bradham's speciality.2.

Croatan National Forest. Civil war buffs will enjoy stopping by here as "the forest" was an important battlefield during the War Between the States.3. USMC Aviation Exhibit. Just outside of New Bern, in Havelock, is the Marine aviation exhibit.

Artifacts, photographs, scaled models, and restored aircraft are chief amongst the attractions found at the exhibit.Visitors to New Bern will find ample and varied lodging and eating establishments in the city. Due to its proximity to the ocean, fresh seafood is in abundance and is a favorite for many. Day trips up and down the coast or inland to the present capitol, Raleigh, are well within reach.

Like Savannah and Charleston, the city exudes Southern charm at a lower cost and with less crowds. Truly, New Bern is history at its finest and available to you at a price you will find affordable.(c)2005; Matthew C.


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By: Matthew Keegan

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