German Castles of The Most Incredible Ones Part II

Welcome to the second part of my special report of 4 awesome German castles! As I already have told, we have a long history here in Germany and very medieval castles. You can find them all over the country, but those four I have focused on South Germany, so that you do not have to travel hundreds of kilometres/miles and lose valuable time.I am sure you are hot to get to know them now, so I go straight forward to them:.

3. Stuttgart.Stuttgart area has, believe it or not, seven (yes 7!) castles and palaces. I only explain one of them, the new castle, because it is soooo huge, awesome and one of the most beautiful German castles.The New Stuttgart castle was built in 1746 as a representative baroque residential palace for "Duke Carl Eugen von Wuerttemberg" (long silly name, isn't it).

After over sixty years of construction with repeated interruptions, the interior and exterior were completed in 1807. So much to the history.When you are finished with the visit of this castle, downtown is not far away and you can explore this too.

You will find many interesting restaurants, pubs and cafés.4. Rastatt.This town is located close to the city Karlsruhe, 70km in the south of Heidelberg (I mention Heidelberg, because it's one of the most known German city).The Rastatt castle is huge too and you have lots of things to explore there.

It is the oldest baroque residence on the Upper Rhine River and has been completely preserved since being built from 1700 to 1707 (yeah, in the year 2000 it had its 300th Anniversary!).The area is very beautiful and the town spends lots of money in this incredible castle. After your walk through this residence you have a really short way to downtown and to its nice pubs and restaurants.

I hope you enjoyed this special report of 4 of the most beautiful and incredible German castles. If you want to get to know some more insider tips of Germany or more of the rest of our TOP 40 German castles, go to my website and sign up for my monthly special report at It's free but with high valuable content.

You'll also find some photos of those castles on my site here:

I also really look forward to your experiences and discoveries you have made here in Germany. Send me a message and when they are valuable I will post them on my website, so that the world can participate on them too.I appreciate you and wish you a great day!.Marcus Hochstadt.

.Marcus Hochstadt travels extensively to countries, continents and Germany itself as a sales manager and entrepreneur since more than 14 years. He knows in almost each German city the points of REAL interest and gives you insider tips on his daily growing website Watch out for his free monthly special report with more valuable insider tips.

By: Marcus Hochstadt

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