Discovering Castles in Scotland

Copyright 2006 S Wander Are you looking for something to do in Scotland that will combine not only fun, but a little bit of learning and knowledge? If you are, then you should look no further than the abundance of castles in Scotland. Scotland is an old country whose history goes back through the centuries. Deep in the heart of each Scottish person is a love of country and understanding of where they came from and where they can go. Scotland is a country that has survived many battles and many changes of power.

Those facts are evident on the first stop of your Castles in Scotland tour. There is nothing like walking into a castle the first time. You feel yourself almost transported back in time as you look around you. And allow yourself to go there; allow yourself to be taken back to another place and another time.

As you stand in the great throne room, allow yourself to see the kings and queens of old as they sit on their thrones and do their best to govern. The only way to truly appreciate the experience of castles in Scotland is to know where you are and know the history of the castle. Make sure that you have a castle guide in your travel pack. It's not hard to find a castle guide that includes descriptions of the main castles you will see in Scotland. In fact, there are so many castles in Scotland that you will probably not be able to see them all before you have to leave the country. For that reason, make sure you know what castles you want to see before you begin looking at castles in Scotland.

Many people are almost disappointed the first time they walk into a castle. They expect castles to be these great and glorious things, which they are, but at the same time it is important to keep in mind that these castles are old. Most, if not all, are no longer inhabited and all are in various states of disrepair.

The draw of castles in Scotland is that they are old, not that they are still the current homes of kings and queens. That being said, there are also many castles in Scotland that are in great shape and used regularly for functions. Those castles are also available to see and tour. People have long understood the allure of castles in Scotland and many families have restored the castles of their ancestors to their glory or at least made them habitable for people to see and tour.

If you are looking for restored castles in Scotland, then make that a priority. As you wander through the Scottish countryside, you will probably be surprised how many castles and remnants of castles in Scotland that you will see. As stated earlier, the history of Scotland is everywhere and everyone knows that.

You will see just pieces of what once stood as the pride and joy of an area. You will see what could still be a working castle today. There is so much history and so much pride that surrounds castles in Scotland, you will always have something to see and something to experience. A word of caution; if you happen upon the ruins of a castle and want to explore, proceed with caution. While the Scottish people are kind and generous people, ruins are not always safe and not always place where visitors are welcome. If there is a home nearby, you would do well to inquire about the ruins before you enter.

To some, castles in Scotland are sacred. Whether you are looking for castles in Scotland that remain untouched by conveniences such as electricity and running water or are looking for castles in Scotland that could be the perfect place for a wedding reception, there is a castle that seems to have come right out of your dreams. Get familiar with local customs and geography and step back in time with castles in Scotland. Go exploring with an open mind, a curious heart, and a great attitude and you will see just how amazing castles in Scotland can really be! .

By: S Wander

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