Destination Dubai�

Dubai is one of the seven states making up the United Arab Emirates and it is located in the Middle East at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Dubai is a city of striking contrasts; it is an exciting destination both for travelers seeking thrills and adventure and for expatriates seeking a healthy employment climate and a tax free lifestyle.

Those expatriates planning on moving to the UAE or who are seeking the latest job opportunities in Dubai are certainly not alone. The population of Dubai is one of the fastest growing in the world and over the past twenty five years it has quadrupled.

Employment prospects in the city rise annually by an average of 8.3% and the increasing availability of quality jobs has attracted record numbers of expatriates to the region. The appeal of Dubai lies in the fact that it is a liberal and moderate emirate and it has attracted major players from every single significant business sector of note because of the tax free trade zones Dubai is famous for. These industry giants from the media, IT, engineering and financial sectors for example can recruit internationally and many offer their staff a tax free salary with attractive relocation benefits on top meaning they attract the best, most dynamic employees from around the world.

The expatriate population in the entire UAE makes up 91.5% of the working population so you can see how popular a destination Dubai is with international executives from around the world. To work in Dubai it is necessary to obtain an employment visa, if you secure a job offer before you fly out your employer will sponsor your visa for you. Alternatively you can travel to the country on a 30 day temporary visa, seek work and as soon as you secure a job offer you can apply for your employment visa.

In terms of those who holiday in Dubai they are divided into a number of categories - you have shopoholics who come for the tax free prices on luxury goods and jewellery, you have those who want an adventure in and around the ancient and fascinating heart of Dubai, you have families keen to hit the theme parks and adventure centres and those who come for the sporting highlights of Dubai such as the world class golf, polo, diving and desert safaris.

Visitors to the city of Dubai require a visa unless they herald from Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman or Saudi Arabia. Those visitors who are staying in one of the amazing and luxurious hotels Dubai is famous for will be provided with a visa by the hotel for the duration of their stay. The process to obtain a visa is very simple, in fact most travel agents or hotels will fill in the necessary paper work for you and you can either apply for a 14 day 'transit visa' or a 30 day 'visit visa' and then enter the country and be free to enjoy your time exploring this dynamic and breathtaking city of contrasts.

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