Buying A Backpack For Your Round The World Trip

Travelling around the world isn't like a weekend camping. Obviously that's a good thing in more than one way ? you'll not necessarily be waking up in a field of sheep, wet through a leaky tent and miles from any regular toilet facilities. It also means you'll need to prepare yourself a little better, though.

One element you really should invest time and money on is buying yourself a good-quality backpack. And the key here is that it's good quality. Going for a low-grade pack might seem like a fine idea when you're in the shop ? you might think you can cream a little money off to put towards your trip. But, even though cheap kit might be OK for that weekend camping trip, drag it halfway around the world and it might not be looking so hot.Better quality backpacks stand up to the rigours of backpacking better ? and you'd better believe that your baggage will be thrown onto planes, buses, sat on, slept on ? the lot.

Just as important though, they are better for your body. Carrying heavy weight is not particularly great for the shoulders and back, but distributing the weight well can help hugely. Well-placed and well-designed straps and belts are a benefit here. When you're away you'll also be glad of the extra padding around the shoulders, the lower back and other areas.Here are some pointers on buying the right pack for you:.Specialist shops.

Shops that specialise in outdoor pursuits are a good place to start, as they can give personalised advice. There are good supplier sites on the web, but it's always helpful to try before you can buy if you're not a million miles from a High Street.Bigger is not always better.

Remember, you don't have to take everything travelling with you. When you're trying for size, think about being tired and carrying the pack when it's full. If you need something to go by, 5000 to 6000 cubic inches should easily be large enough for most people.Internal or external frame.

Backpacks usually have either an internal or external frame. The ones with an external frame are generally good for attaching sleeping bags and tents to ? if you're camping, this might be useful. If you're not camping though, a pack with an internal frame might be more comfortable.Belts and straps.Always get a pack with a belt.

This takes a huge amount of weight off your back and redistributes it to the hips. Straps that tighten and loosen are also a must, as this means you can adapt what's on your back to fit you.Seams.Look at the seams of the pack to see whether they look reinforced. Remember, it will be straining with whatever you pack inside, so strong seams will keep it intact.

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By: Haydn Wrath

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